• The Quest..

    Helping busy professionals over thirty-five bridge

    the gap between their work and well-being ambitions

    to become lean; body confident; pain free; and build

    everyday energy on limited time.

  • Meet Your Coach

    Seven years ago I owned my own business. I became burnout, and it almost took my life - triggering a massive depressive episode. Thankfully I recovered over the course of eighteen months. During that time, I lost more than twenty-six kilos in fat. I built consistent physical activity without the need for a gym or high intensity training. I taught myself the basic principles of nutrition, movement, and mental resilience.


    Looking back now, I realise I never had a solid foundation of health and fitness that I think is needed to thrive in the modern business environment.


    Fast forward to today..

    My career in the health and fitness industry has been spent developing a habit based model of health, that busy people can adopt to become lean, athletic, energised, and pain free, on limited time whilst working in the high pressure environment of business.


    If you want to reach your life, career or business ambitions, you need a strong foundation of health.


    I would love to help you build it !


    - Sam, MEALO | Repeatable Results

    I am a father and primary carer of my two children. I run my own business and I have managed my mental health and built a healthy lifestyle, all on limited time.


    We often portray fitness professionals as the beacons of health.


    I love coffee, bourbon whisky, good food, and want to enjoy the comforts in life as you do - however I have learnt to balance these against my other ambitions.


    I am not the typical "fitness guy".

    Every week I meet frustrated professionals, and business owners. Struggling to balance the demands of their work and wellbeing.


    The words "health", "fat loss", and "diet" have become one and the same in recent times.


    Yet, when I think of the word "health", I think personal freedom. Confidence, in body and mind; being mentally resilient; pain free; and feeling energetic.


    In control of my own life.


    Over the past five years I have witnessed people in business, who are striving to build financial independence for themselves and their family, all while seeing their personal freedom - their health - dwindle.


    I do not believe we should have to choose between our own success and our well-being.