• Frequently Asked Questions..

    Any further questions you

    can email hello@mealo.co

  • Where in Southampton is your coaching based ?


    My training is based at Endle Street, Ocean Village, SO14 5FZ.


    If you are on my nutrition coaching program, this is carried out at your home or work, whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

  • How do I know if you can help ?


    If you scroll down to the bottom you can check online if we will be the right fit for each other. This only takes two minutes. If we're not quite the right match, I will help send you in the right direction - just ask !

  • What is the first step if I am ready to get started ?


    My brand assessment. This is a product of 5'000+ hours coaching, personal experimentation, and research in the last five years. I test seven core elements of health, against standards we know have real world application.

    Check out the details !

  • How does your nutrition approach differ from other diets ?


    There is no diet plan. There is no diet - period. I use a habit based approach to coach you through the process of changing the way you eat. We focus on one key change at a time that fits within your life, not around it, and doesn’t make you feel restricted. No quick fix. No calorie counting. No weighing food. No eliminating foods. You lose fat without the diet, and make lifelong changes to your eating habits.

  • I havn't been active for a long time. Can you still help ?


    Absolutely ! I don’t see myself as an expert, but an “experienced learner”. I know exactly how it feels to be a beginner, and my coaching process is designed to work at your pace not mine - you are in the drivers seat !


    You can check out My Story to learn more.

  • How much are your one-to-one coaching programs?


    My coaching start at £149 a month in one simple payment. This includes our coaching sessions, weekly accountability check-in calls, email support, online resources, on-going programming outside of our structured sessions, and our coaching app we use to communicate - I coach you 24/7 !

  • Still unsure or nervous about what I offer ?


    Feel free to call or email and ask any questions... I have devoted my career to helping people who are held back by a challenging health history, life, work and family obligations - my coaching is designed to work around those obstacles.


    You will not find a more compassionate, emphatic, and pragmatic individual who has enough "skin in the game" to understand and help you !