• Build everyday repeatable results.

    Drop the yo-yo diets and stop start fitness programs for good.

  • Master a routine and be self sufficient.

    Learn habits that adapt to the real world and your unique life demands.

  • Being healthy is not about

    being perfect.

    It's okay to fail. We will help you manage the 'peaks and valleys'.

  • “Having turned 50 I thought I wouldn't manage lifting any heavy weights or make much progress. You have always encouraged and inspired me to do above and beyond what I thought I was capable. I'm amazed at what I can lift, push or press and achieved what I believed to be impossible for me.


    Not only am I more agile, fitter and leaner, I have a stronger more positive outlook on my life. I am so much more active than I have ever been. You have always listened. Adapted my programme to suit what is going on in my life and helped me understand that training around life's ups and downs is manageable.”


    - Karen, Education Officer

    “Having played sport in my youth, but now in my 50’s, I didn’t think I’d be able to lose fat or gain strength. I love that I don’t have to visit a gym spending loads of time going from machine to machine. My routine that lasts no more than half an hour allows me to order my day properly have a daily discipline. It’s a rarity that I miss a days training other than my Sunday ‘rest day’. I couldn’t believe I’d ever be able to use the 32kg kettlebell.


    I think one of your greatest qualities as a coach is you genuinely encourage me, you care about how I’m doing and always have a concern for my well being. I am incredibly proud of my body change and friends comment on how much better I look. I’m so grateful that I feel good about the way I look now !”



    - Jeremy, Business Advisor

    “When we started I was unsure in my ability to 'stick at it' but your approach has made this much easier than I ever thought possible. My improved fitness made holiday hiking and cycling much more enjoyable.


    I have learnt it's OK not to be 100% on track with diet and exercise all the time - that's life - you haven't failed you're just living in the real world. There are no sustainable quick wins.”


    - Rachael, Big Pie Marketing

  • Hey. I'm Sam Griffiths.

    I coach busy professionals over thirty-five to bridge the gap between their work and well-being ambitions to become lean; body confident; pain free; and build everyday energy on limited time.